Rhumantic Box

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    In this box: 1 Bottle of 70 cl + 2 glasses Rhumantic + 1 Dropstop Rhumantic

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    Rhum arrangé ananas - Rhumantic - 30% vol 0,7L

    Ingredients: Agricultural rum (74,2%), Victoria pineapple (14,2%), sugar syrup, bourbon vanilla. 70cl, 30%. 

    To the nose: fragrant, bewitching, revealing at first notes of pure vanilla making travel. Then follows notes of mountain honey, papaya and nashi. The finish gives a pep on the acidity of the pineapple and the alcohol. 

    In mouth: frank attack, we discover directly the heat, the roundness and the power of the vanilla and the pineapple. Ample and suave mid-palate with notes of sweet spice and vanilla flower. 

    Mango Rum - Rhumantic - 30% vol 0,7L

    Ingredients: Agricultural rum (74,2%), sugar syrup, mango (7,1%), passion fruit (7,1%). 70cl, 30%. 

    Nose: An impression of perfect balance. The freshness of the passion fruit, the fruit of the mango and the discreet alcohol on the finish. A floral dimension is added to the fresh mango. Notes of pear and banana are felt. 

    In the mouth: A nice surprise, fruit dominated by ripe mango, persimmon and cocoa notes. The natural sweetness of the fruit gives a smooth and syrupy sweetness while keeping a certain straightness in the mouth. On the finish, notes of bourbon vanilla are felt. 

    Rhumantic - 30% vol 0,7L

    Ingredients: Agricultural rum (74,2%), sugar syrup, Victoria pineapple (10,6%), passion fruit (3,6%). 70cl, 30%. 

    Nose: Softer and more discreet than "Pineapple", the finesse of passion blends with the sweetness of pineapple. Intense nose on the freshness, green mango and carambola. To finish, the William pear perfumes the glass and makes us want more. 

    In the mouth: The first taste is soft, round and warm. The light acidity of passion fruit brings a joyful and airy dimension. Notes of pineapple, green mango and William pear give way to conference pear.  Clean finish, a slight residue of bourbon vanilla makes us want more.