Our commitments

Our mission

"Facilitating local consumption."

La Vitrine Locale supports Belgian artisans by promoting their local products in a sustainable way.

Our values


La Vitrine Locale looks for the greatest opportunities among the local producers to offer a privileged quality of products while providing a quality service.


The vision of La Vitrine Locale is to be sustainable and to be part of an eco-responsible commitment. This is why each of our innovations is thought out to further improve our service.


Trust is at the heart of our relationships, both within our team and with our producers and customers. We make it a point of honour to cultivate it throughout the value creation process.

Why Local?

La Vitrine Locale is committed to a more sustainable world.

Throughout the value chain, we adopt an eco-responsible attitude.

From an ecological point of view, we favour the short circuit since we create the necessary link between the local producer and the final customer.

We believe that the local economy is the strength of tomorrow. We are therefore always happy to support new local initiatives to develop our network and attract new customers.

Promoting zero waste

La Vitrine Locale's project is part of a zero waste approach, in particular by selecting a range of products that are committed to working on this aspect.

Moreover, the company has invested in a cardboard machine to recycle product packaging into confetti to give them a second life to protect the products during transport.Thoughtful and useful initiatives!